Mar 29, 2013

The Big Boobies Show / Criss-Cross Dress

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Cute dress based on the previous tops I've made ~
Hope you'll like them \o/
16 colors, tango & lush available
Available from 1st of April @ the Big Boobies Show

Hair: Curio Obscura
Bow: Noodles
Collar: ^^Swallow^^
Theeth: .::Modish::.
Skin, Lip gloss, hands, eyes: tSg.
(Used new tSg Hope skin and I luff it!)
Boobies: Lolas! Tango
Socks: Honey Kitty
Blush: [ESUGA] (same owner of tSg.)
Cream+sprinkles: sugar heart

Muah ~

Mar 28, 2013

The Big Boobies Show - First Items

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First items for "The Big Boobies Show"
Zipper tube tops and Itsy-Bitsy panties
10 colors
Tango & Lush appliers
Available from 1st April 2013
Hope you'll like them♥


Hair: Chemistry
Earrings: Epoque
Teeth: ::Modish::
Necklace 1: [7891.] Trust No Man - Black&Gold
Necklace 2: [KI] Dogtags
Googles: K_gs Alcion_typeA 
Breast: Lolas! Tango
Skin, hands, nails, eyes & skin applier for Lolas! Tango: tSg.
Bracelets: .::Pure Poison::.
Shoes: Gos
Holster/Gun: FL. PLD-08 Holster R 1.1

Muah ~

Mar 19, 2013

New Bow Pochette!

 New cute Bow Pochette!
I really hope you'll like them ~
100% handmade :3
20 colors and patterns available.
 Each bag comes with 3 static poses!
Have fun and make pictures with them \o/

Top: coldLogic
Jeans: Villena
Shoes: Whatever / SL Fashion Week Group Gift
Skin/Hands/Nails: tSg.

Biiig Hugs!