Nov 26, 2013

Winter Trend Fair / Lace-Up Ankle Pumps

November 29 - December 13

NEW handmade Ankle Boots ♥
Lace-Up Ankle Pumps!
ONLY for Slink Medium Feet

15 colors
complete menu
gold & silver metal option
choose between black and beige as sole/shoelaces color
Please try demo first

Hope you'll like them!


Fashion Credits:
Skin & skin appliers for Slink Feet: tSg.
Feet: Slink Medium Feet
Center: Blah.
Right: tSg.

Nov 20, 2013

New Round Of Hello Titty Slots / Sweet Crop Top

Event Starts 20th of  November

Sweet Crop Top Gacha - 12 Common / 6 Rare
Each top contains a Tango/Mirage applier
The top can be worn with and also without breast implants ♥

Hope you'll like them
Have fun playing!

Fashion Credits
Hair: LaViere
Skin, Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows: tSg.

Nov 5, 2013

New Round of The Azz Show / Nylon Ombre Stockings

New stockings for this round of The Azz Show

Clothing layers, Phat azz & Slink stocking layer included

Hope you'll like them ♥

Fashion Credits:

Skin: tSg.
Butt: Phat Azz
Panties: Blah. (I'll make Phat Azz Updates for those really soon!)
Stockings: Blah. @ The Azz Show

Hugs! ♥

Nov 4, 2013

New Round Of Perfect Wardrobe / Elegant Bow Collars!

Event starts November 4th

New Elegant Bow Collars ♥

10 colors, complete menu & two metal options
Gold & Silver

Special Price: 90L$

Price will go back to normal as soon as the event ends.
Soo.. quick and grab one if you like them before it's too late!

Fashion Credits:
Hair: Taketomi
 Eyes, Skin, Lips, Eyebrows: tSg.
Bodysuit Blah. (Now @ The Boobies Show)
Earrings: Blah.
Boobies: Lolas! Mirage
Hands: Slink 

Nov 2, 2013

The Rockabilyl Fair / Starts November 3rd!

Rockabilly Fair Starts November 3rd

First Exclusive:

My first shoes for Slink Medium feet \o/ nervous about them!
I really hope you'll like them ♥
Please let me repeat that these shoes are just for Slink Medium Feet

10 colors, complete menu and 2 metal options for heels.
Gold & Silver

(socks and feet are not included)
Second Exclusive:

Unisex Glasses!

10 colors, complete menu and two metal options.

Have fun @ The Rockabilly fair!

New Round of The Boobies Show / Playful Bodysuit

New Playful Bodysuit for this new round of The Boobies Show ♥

Starts 2nd of November

All clothing layers included - Tango, Mirage, Lush & Phat Azz appliers included
can be worn with and also without breast implants and Phat Azz.

Hope you'll like them!

Fashion Credits:
Hair: Tram
Glasses: Blah. (Coming soon @ Rockabilly Fair)
Neck: Blah. (coming soon..maybe..)
Earrings: Blah.
Nailpolish: Blah.
Eyes, Skin, Eyebrows, Lipstick: tSg.
Hands: Slink
Butt: Phat Azz
Boobies: Lolas! Mirage