Thank you for your interest in blogging for us 💘

Please keep in mind that the new Mainstore is under construction
and we are currently using a temporary one.

Our goal is to make customers happy, improve, inspire, grow and we'd love if you'd be part of our journey

🌈 Blogger manager: lxw Resident  

🌈 How to apply: 
Please teleport to our store and click on the Blogotex sign.

But wait.. before doing that please read below. 
We do have few rules.

We hope you'll understand that some rules are needed.
Simple rules that will help us keep track of your amazing work and will help us both growing ♥ 

1) Pictures must be high quality and tasteful. No complete nudity, nipples showing etc.. 
2) Make sure items are visible in your post and mention the store in your blog tags. 
3) All photos must be submitted to our flickr group: Follow on Flickr and tag me:
4) Like, follow and help promote the Blah. Page on Facebook: linking it in your facebook posts.Your posts will be mentioned there. 
5) Instagram is appreciated but not required (at the moment)
find ours here:
6) Add visible SLURL/Landmark to IN-World Mainstore/Events (depends where the item has been released)
7) Clarity in describing the item and all the features it has. (hud, colors...  etc) 
8) Have as many followers as possible on each platform. This will also help you get more views and likes! 
9) HAVE FUN!I know there are many rules above but still.. try to have fun while blogging 
10)Communicate! If there is any issue, please let us know so we can help you handle it if needed!

We do appreciate all the hard work that bloggers do.
We're amazed each time we see a new post.

Well.. after all these we do still hope you'll be interested in working with us!

For more details/questions related to blogging please contact our blogger manager 
In-World through notecard: lxw Resident
Thank you