Apr 12, 2013

10L$ Item! My Super Kawaii Mesh Blush ~

kawaii fair map click to zoom (Blah. Store Number 5)

 Super cute mesh swirly blush!
Available @ Kawaii Fair
 (you can find this item at Blah. Kawaii Fair store and also at the Kawaii Bazaar) 

Aw! has been so fun making this! > <

As you can see I used it on a mesh head
but you can also use it on normal avatar faces! 

Hope you'll like it ♥

Fashion Credits:
Head: Utilizator
hair: Elikatira

Muah ~


Apr 11, 2013

New Release! Tango Tattoos

New Tango Tattoos are out!

I really hope you'll like them!
They work on Lolas! Tango Bra Clothing layer.
Available in our Mainstore now ♥

Please continue reading to know how to use them   

How to use Dress top and Bra Tango layers together:

Don't be scared of all these steps... I just wanted to explain it well.

1) Click your tangos and from the menu select
2) Once in the Clothing section select
3) Wear the Tattoo Applier you bought and click it.
4)The Tattoo Should appear on your tangos.
5)Right click with your mouse on your Tango Breast and choose EDIT from the cake menu
6)Once in edit go in the texture section
7)Choose SELECT FACE and click on the top layer of your tangos. (a white circle will appear on your breast)
8)as you can see the Transparency of that layer is set to 100%
Simply lower it to 0%.
(Check picture for more help)
 Click picture to zoom

9)You'll now see that the top layer is now visible.
(Check picture for more help)
 Click picture to zoom

In simple words: When you wear top or bra layer your tango breast hides the not used layer with transparency.
Let's make an example: If you're wearing a bra layer applier means that the top layer has been hidden with a 100% transparency.



Q: I want my top layer to be invisible again..How can I do that?
A: Simple! If you want to revert these changes and make your Lolas! Tango as they were before this edit click on them, from the menu select and after that .
This will automatically restore any edit you have done.


Q: My bra layer has another color....not the color I bought. How can I solve this?
 A: Right click on your breast and choose edit.
 from the edit menu go to the Texture section.
 Once in the texture section click the color square and select white.
This will solve your issue ♥

For more info/help/details feel free to contact me.

Fashion Credits:
Hair Catwa
Skin, eyes, lips: tSg.
Teeth: Modish
Top: Deetalez
Pose: Little Bean

Hair: Chemistry
Skin, Lips, eyebrows: tSg.
Teeth: Modish
Top: Deetalez
Earrings: Glow Studio
Pose: Little Bean

~ Hugs


Apr 10, 2013

2nd Item for the Kawaii Fair - Bow Pochette ( Polka Edition )

 I wanted to match my Bow Pochette Bags to the mesh dress I've made...
More info about the dress here 

My Bow Pochette Polka Edition comes in 10 colors
each pochette folder contains 3 static poses for your pictures ~
All original content..made with my little hands >< ♥
I'm trying my best to make my own mesh items.
I am aware I still have lots to learn but I prefer learning rather than using templates.
It probably takes more time and effort but once an item is done you feel so proud of yourself.
I really hope you'll like them ~

Credits for My Bow Pochette Polka Edition Vendor:
Hair: Chemistry
Dress: Blah. (My Pretty In Polka Mesh Dress) White
Bag: Blah. (My Bow Pochette) Polka White
Skin, eyes, hands: tSg.
Earrings: Glow Studio
Pose: Blah. (part of - My Bow Pochette / Polka White)

Hug babes


1st item for Kawaii Fair ~ Pretty In Polka

Kawaii Fair starts the 12th of April!
This is one of the items I've made for this event!

Pretty In Polka Mesh Dress
Rigged mesh dress with cute little polka dots & lace!
100% handmade ♥
Can be worn with and also without appliers.
Tango & Lush available!
6 sizes based on standard sizing.
1 alpha tlayer, alpha textures
and...lots of love!


I really hope you'll like it!

Hair: Rosy Mood
Skin/Lips: tSg.
Pose: Little Bean
Chest Tattoo: Blah. for Kawaii Fair

Hair: Love Soul
Skin/Lips/Hands: tSg.
Necklace: Blah. (Was a hunt item I've made for the Pink Ribbon Fair Hunt)
Pose: Little Bean

Muah ~ ♥


Apr 2, 2013

Whore Couture Monthly Event

New monthly event for one of the most awesome fairs on Second Life!
Event will start the 5th of April!
I'm happy to present you a new dress ~
10 colors,
Tango & Lush appliers available.
please read carefully ↓
you just need to purchase the applier once cos it will work with any dress color you choose!
I really hope you'll like it ♥

Tune ♪ 

Hair: Lelutka
Glasses: -RYCA-
Necklace -RYCA-
Combination bracelet / watch: -RYCA-
Skin: tSg
Hands: tSg
Nails: tSg
Teeth: .::Modish::.
Chapstick: tSg
Breast: Lolas! Tango