Dec 2, 2014

Blah. @ Winter Trend SL 2014 / Posh Ankle Boots


New Posh Ankle Boots

For slink high feet
gold & silver metal options
black and beige for sole color 

twelve socks colors plus twenty lace textures/patterns

colors & hud preview

Hope you like them!

Nov 6, 2014

Blah. @ The Big Show / Petit Frill Boots ♥

Event starts November 7th

Shoes in the picture: Olive & Salmon
The boots don't require any mesh feet.
Feel free to use them with any mesh body activating the proper alpha from the mesh body hud or with the second life default avatar wearing the included alpha layer.

Each boot includes:
Gold & silver metal option
choose between beige and black for sole and shoelaces
resizer - alpha layer for default avatar users
twelve socks colors plus twenty frilly lace colors/patterns

Shoe colors ♥

Hope you'll like them! ♥


Nov 1, 2014

Blah. @ Sad November / Petit Boot

 November 1st till 22nd

New Petit Boot ♥

For Slink Medium Feet

I wasn't even sure I would have been able to make them/work cos I had an accident that doesn't allow me to use my left shoulder/arm and move my neck.
So..I really hope you'll like them ♥

Oct 11, 2014

Blah. @ Body Modification Expo / Delight Platforms ♥

Delight Platforms

10 colors
complete hud:
metal change (gold & silver)
choose between beige, black and white for sole and inner sole.

Hope you'll like them ♥

Oct 7, 2014

Blah. @ The Big Show / October 7th / Starry Panties ♥

Starry panties for this round of The Big Show ♥

8 colors
wowmeh, slink physique, cute/phat azz, ghetto booty appliers included.

Hope you'll like them ♥


Oct 2, 2014

Blah. @ Candy Fair 2014! The Donut Frenzy Gacha & Big Donut Backpacks

Are you ready for a Donut Frenzy? ♥

Big Donut Backpack
Choose between white, black & beige for zipper detail/inner strap
resizer included

 ~ Gacha ~

2 rares -  backpacks
ChocoLove & ChocoCute

12 commons - jewellry
chokers: resizer, white & black color option for the ribbon
earrings: resizer
rings: reaizer

all gacha prizes are 
copy - mod - transf

Have fun sharing them with your friends.
--------- Please do not use any Blah. vendors if you plan to sell items at yard sales ---------
Thank you ♥

Hope you'll like ♥
Big Hugs ~

Aug 29, 2014

Blah. @ The Swag Fest / Starts August 30th / Solid Jumpers & You Suck - Crop Tops ♥

Starts August 30th

Solid Jumpers & You Suck crop tops

10 colors, can be worn with and also without mesh bodies, boobies & butts!
Appliers included: Wowmeh, Slink Physique, Phat/Cute Azz & Ghetto Booty.

Crop Tops:
10 colors, can be worn with and also without mesh bodies, boobies & butts!
Appliers included: Lolas (Tango, Mirage & Delicq), Wowmeh & Slink Physique.


 Fashion Credits:
Roses: Liquence / Hair: Rosymood / Skin: tSg. / Boobies: Lolas Delicq / Cute Azz / Stockings: Blah. Toeless Sheer (for cute azz - updates for other bodies coming soon) / Heels: Blah. Starshine Pumps (slink high feet)

A huge Blah. update will be done soon!
So please... stay tuned!

Hope you'll like them ♥


Aug 11, 2014

Blah. @ District 5 / The Scene / August 13th / Sweet Skull Platforms ♥


Sweet Skull Platforms



8 colors
gold & silver metal options

choose between beige, black and white for inner / heel sole

black, gold & silver skull metal / color options

 hope you'll like them ♥

Aug 7, 2014

Blah. @ The Black Fashion Fair /August 8th/ Penta Jewelry ♥

Starts August 8th

Two versions sold separately (gold & silver)
Each version contains ten choker ribbon colors
In each metal version a black charm has been included.
Resizer included

Two versions sold separately (gold & silver)
Each metal version contains ten pentacle colors
Resizer included

Can be used with normal av hands or any other kind of mesh hand.
Some editing skills are needed to adjust the ring into the correct position depending on which hand you'll wear.

(in the picture I'm wearing wowmeh hands)

Hope you'll like them ♥

Blah. @ The Big Show / Duper Pumps ♥

Click here to teleport @ The Big Show 
starts the 7th at 7AM SLT until the end of the month

New Duper Pumps for slink high feet ♥

11 colors,
gold & silver metal options
Choose between beige, white, black and beige for inner/heel sole


Hope you'll like them ♥

(this method can be used with any high heel)

1: Go in Appearance

2: From the cake menu please choose "Edit Shape"

3: In the editing shape window please click on "Body"

4: Scroll down till you'll find the Hover section.

5: Rise the Hover slider to 52. This should fix the issue.
(you can also rise it more in case)

6: Save

Jul 20, 2014

Blah. @ Project Limited / Second Round / July 20th / Dogma - Duo Pumps ♥

Dogma - Duo Pumps will be sold in a limited quantity!
Please be sure to grab them cos they won't be for sale after the event is over!
Each shoe comes with a complete hud
for slink high feet only 
colors available: pink, olive, red & white.
White, beige and black color options for inner/heel sole.
Gold and silver metal options for studs, chains, charm & heel.

   Hope you'll like them ♥

BTW... I'm having huuuge problems with my computer.
I'm making someone build a new one for me cos the one I'm using now is really bad.
Crashes all the time, I can barely log on sl, can't use more than 2 programs at the same time...
ugh! it's a nightmare.
I really can't wait to get the new one so I'll be able to make many new items :c ♥