Oct 2, 2014

Blah. @ Candy Fair 2014! The Donut Frenzy Gacha & Big Donut Backpacks

Are you ready for a Donut Frenzy? ♥

Big Donut Backpack
Choose between white, black & beige for zipper detail/inner strap
resizer included

 ~ Gacha ~

2 rares -  backpacks
ChocoLove & ChocoCute

12 commons - jewellry
chokers: resizer, white & black color option for the ribbon
earrings: resizer
rings: reaizer

all gacha prizes are 
copy - mod - transf

Have fun sharing them with your friends.
--------- Please do not use any Blah. vendors if you plan to sell items at yard sales ---------
Thank you ♥

Hope you'll like ♥
Big Hugs ~