Dec 19, 2013

Xmas 100L Promo! Charming Christmas Pumps - Red & Pink!

New Charming Pumps Christmas Edition

Christmas Special/Promo!
Can be found @ Blah. Mainstore & On Marketplace 
Click below for Marketplace links
price: 100L ♥

Red - For a traditional Christmas
Pink - For a cute one!

For SLINK High Feet Only
- You need to own a pair of SLink High feet to use this product - 

Blinking lights
Complete menu
Two metal options - gold & silver
Choose between beige and black for sole color
A non-blinking version has been included.

If you want to demo them please try our
Charming Pumps Demo @ Blah. Mainstore
Hope you'll like them babes!

Dec 12, 2013

Frost Fair Exclusive item & New Pumps for SLink High feet!

First of all let me explain that the shoes below work just with SLink High feet.
You need to own a pair of Slink High Feet to use them.
High Feet can be purchased here

Exclusive Frost Queen Charming Pumps @ Frost fair


For SLink High Feet only
Complete menu
Shiny Silver Heel
Two color options for sole
Beige & Black

Fashion Credits:
Skin & Skin Appliers: tSg.
Feet: Slink High Feet
Socks: Blushed

 At Frost fair you'll be also able to find our new Charming Pumps in 15 different colors!
Out @ Mainstore also

For Slink High Feet only
Complete Menu
Gold and silver metal option
Choose between Black & Beige for sole color.

Fashion Credits:
Skins & Skin appliers: tSg.
from left:
Knee band aid: Suicidal Unborn
Skully bow tattoo: Blinded
High Tights: Izzie's


Hope you'll like ♥

Dec 6, 2013

Christmas gift for vip group members!

First of all I would like to thank all the members of my VIP group.
Thank you so much for your support!

From now on I decided to send out store credit as monthly gift so you'll be able to choose yourself what you would like to have from the store.
Let me know if you like this idea ♥

And since we're close to christmas I wanted to start sending out some gifts!

I placed a board in store

this one ↓

it's close to the Blah. group givers.

Wear your VIP group tag, click it and you're done!
you'll get 400L$ in store credit.

Once you'll have store credit click on any vendor in store 
and select CREDIT from the drop down menu.

Happy shopping & happy holidays!
More store credit coming soon♥


New Round of The Boobies Show / Antique Lace Lingerie

Event starts December 7th

New Antique Lace Lingerie (top&panties) for this new round of The Boobies Show
                                                                        CLICK HERE TO TELEPORT

15 colors

TOPS CONTAIN: Complete clothing layers, cleavage cut layers for breast implant users & Tango/Mirage appliers

PANTIES CONTAIN: Complete clothing layers & Phat Azz appliers (pants and underpants)

*Items can be worn with and also without breast implants and phat azz*

Tops & panties are sold separately

Hope you'll like ♥
Fashion Credits:
Skin: tSg.
Hair: Pelle
Eyes: tSg.
Lips: tSg.
Hands: SLink
Boobies: Lolas! Mirage
Butt: Luck. inc 
Rose Crown: Wishbox

Dec 3, 2013

New Round of The Azz Show - Lovable Pois Lingerie (top & panties)

Event starts - December 5th
Cute Lingerie for this new round of THE AZZ SHOW
                               CLICK HERE TO TELEPORT

10 Colors
All clothing layers included
breast & phat azz appliers included
top layers with cleavage cut for breast implant users included
can be worn with and also without lolas/phat azz

 top & panties are sold separately

panties have a cute little heart peek-a-boo hole on the back!

Hope you'll like them!

Hugs ♥

Fashion Credits:
Skin: tSg. - Bunny ♥
Breast & hand skin appliers: tSg.
Eyes: tSg.
Hands: SLink
Boobies: Lolas! Mirage
Hair: D!va (@ the Arcade)

SLX Connect

Nov 26, 2013

Winter Trend Fair / Lace-Up Ankle Pumps

November 29 - December 13

NEW handmade Ankle Boots ♥
Lace-Up Ankle Pumps!
ONLY for Slink Medium Feet

15 colors
complete menu
gold & silver metal option
choose between black and beige as sole/shoelaces color
Please try demo first

Hope you'll like them!


Fashion Credits:
Skin & skin appliers for Slink Feet: tSg.
Feet: Slink Medium Feet
Center: Blah.
Right: tSg.

Nov 20, 2013

New Round Of Hello Titty Slots / Sweet Crop Top

Event Starts 20th of  November

Sweet Crop Top Gacha - 12 Common / 6 Rare
Each top contains a Tango/Mirage applier
The top can be worn with and also without breast implants ♥

Hope you'll like them
Have fun playing!

Fashion Credits
Hair: LaViere
Skin, Eyes, Lips, Eyebrows: tSg.

Nov 5, 2013

New Round of The Azz Show / Nylon Ombre Stockings

New stockings for this round of The Azz Show

Clothing layers, Phat azz & Slink stocking layer included

Hope you'll like them ♥

Fashion Credits:

Skin: tSg.
Butt: Phat Azz
Panties: Blah. (I'll make Phat Azz Updates for those really soon!)
Stockings: Blah. @ The Azz Show

Hugs! ♥

Nov 4, 2013

New Round Of Perfect Wardrobe / Elegant Bow Collars!

Event starts November 4th

New Elegant Bow Collars ♥

10 colors, complete menu & two metal options
Gold & Silver

Special Price: 90L$

Price will go back to normal as soon as the event ends.
Soo.. quick and grab one if you like them before it's too late!

Fashion Credits:
Hair: Taketomi
 Eyes, Skin, Lips, Eyebrows: tSg.
Bodysuit Blah. (Now @ The Boobies Show)
Earrings: Blah.
Boobies: Lolas! Mirage
Hands: Slink 

Nov 2, 2013

The Rockabilyl Fair / Starts November 3rd!

Rockabilly Fair Starts November 3rd

First Exclusive:

My first shoes for Slink Medium feet \o/ nervous about them!
I really hope you'll like them ♥
Please let me repeat that these shoes are just for Slink Medium Feet

10 colors, complete menu and 2 metal options for heels.
Gold & Silver

(socks and feet are not included)
Second Exclusive:

Unisex Glasses!

10 colors, complete menu and two metal options.

Have fun @ The Rockabilly fair!

New Round of The Boobies Show / Playful Bodysuit

New Playful Bodysuit for this new round of The Boobies Show ♥

Starts 2nd of November

All clothing layers included - Tango, Mirage, Lush & Phat Azz appliers included
can be worn with and also without breast implants and Phat Azz.

Hope you'll like them!

Fashion Credits:
Hair: Tram
Glasses: Blah. (Coming soon @ Rockabilly Fair)
Neck: Blah. (coming soon..maybe..)
Earrings: Blah.
Nailpolish: Blah.
Eyes, Skin, Eyebrows, Lipstick: tSg.
Hands: Slink
Butt: Phat Azz
Boobies: Lolas! Mirage

Oct 25, 2013

New Round of SL Fashion Week / Vampaia Ring

New round of SL Fashion Week!
Starts this friday

10 colors
can be used with normal avatar hand & also Slink ones.
complete menu with gold & silver metal option

These rings match the Cute Vampaia Necklace ♥

Hope you'll like them

Mainstore Release / My Sweet Bat Gacha!

New gacha in store!
Hope you'll like it ♥

4 rares / 8 commons

can be worn with and also without appliers/breast implants

clothing layers + Tango/Mirage & Lush appliers included


for the best result please follow these steps:

If you see a heavy black line on your applier instead of a smooth shading please do like this:

- Go into your "Preferences"

- Select your "Graphics" tab

- In your graphics tab select the sub tab named "Rendering"

- In Rendering tab uncheck "Render alpha masks when 'Lighting and Shadows' is not enabled" and  "Render alpha masks when 'Lighting and Shadows' is enabled".

This should help you eliminate black lines.

click image to zoom

Fashion Credits:
Hair: ~Tableau Vivant~ Campbell hair - Equinox
Bindi: ~Soedara~ Elegant Stone Bindi Pearl (bought it on MP)
Skin: .tsg. Bunny in Kamael
Butt: ** Phat Azz
Eyes: "tSg" Reflections 
Teeth: Cain - Realistic Vampire fangs
Boobies: Lolas ::: Tango Mirage :::
Eyebrows: "tSg" Miss Sassy Brow *Tintable*
Panties: Blah. (My Savage Lace Culotte) Pink


Oct 20, 2013

Perfect Wardrobe / Spooktacular Round / Vampaia Necklace

Click image to zoom

Perfect Wardrobe starts 21st of October

Cute handmade bat necklace
10 colors,
each has a complete menu & gold / silver metal option.

*Price is down to 90L but will be back to normal as soon the event ends*

Hope you'll like them
(Vampaia Rings coming soon! \o/)


Hair: Taketomi (Gacha)
Skin, lips, eyebrows, eyes.. : tSg.
Teeth: Cain
Boobies: Mirage

Oct 12, 2013

The Azz Show / Savage Lace Culotte

New Savage Lace Culotte for this first round of The Azz Show!
Hope you'll like them

Clothing layers & Phat Azz appliers included ♥

Also..New Twinkle Star Tattoos!
Available @ The Azz Show!