Dec 6, 2013

New Round of The Boobies Show / Antique Lace Lingerie

Event starts December 7th

New Antique Lace Lingerie (top&panties) for this new round of The Boobies Show
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15 colors

TOPS CONTAIN: Complete clothing layers, cleavage cut layers for breast implant users & Tango/Mirage appliers

PANTIES CONTAIN: Complete clothing layers & Phat Azz appliers (pants and underpants)

*Items can be worn with and also without breast implants and phat azz*

Tops & panties are sold separately

Hope you'll like ♥
Fashion Credits:
Skin: tSg.
Hair: Pelle
Eyes: tSg.
Lips: tSg.
Hands: SLink
Boobies: Lolas! Mirage
Butt: Luck. inc 
Rose Crown: Wishbox