Q: How should I contact you?
A: Notecards are the best option but you could also send me an In-World IM if I'm online.
Note example: Blah. Help Me Please - (your name here)

 Q: I bought an item but I didn't recieve it...what should I do?
A: There are Redelivery Terminals in store. Using them is really easy! Click on the terminal and a popup notice will appear asking you to load a webpage. You'll be able to select the item you would live to recieve again.
In case this won't work please send a note card to hOShi Kimono.
Note example: Blah. Help Me Please (your name here)
Add date and complete transation history.

Q: How do vendors work?
A: Right click any item you would like to buy and select "pay".
If you simply click the vendor you will be able to interact and decide if sending a gift or use the store credit.

Q: How can I recieve store credit?
A: You need to purchase any item wearing your Blah. In-World Group Tag. (Normal group..Not V.I.P one.)

Q: How can I send a gift?A: Click the item you would like to gift and select "Buy As Gift". A message in local chat will appear:
Type the username of the avatar you wish to give this item to. (You have 30 seconds to type it)
Follow these instructions and your gift will be sent!

Q: I don't like/I have a problem with a mesh item can I have a refund?
A: I'll try to help you as much as I can with this kind of problem but... if theres a demo for you to tey before purchasing no refun/change will be done.

Q: Can you send me the gacha item that I'm trying to get since 397924729 hours?
A: Nope, sorry.

Q: I've bought so many things from your store and now I'm switching to a new avatar..
could you send me the same items there?
A: Nope, sorry.

Q: I have an idea for a new item can I send it to you?
A: Sure!!

Q: Will omega appliers be out soon and your items updated?
A: Yes, I'm working on it.

Permissions on items will never be changed.