Q: How should I contact you?
A: Notecards are the best option but you could also send me an In-World IM if I'm online.

 Q: I bought an item but I didn't recieve it...what should I do?
A: There are Redelivery Terminals in store. Using them is really easy! Click on the terminal and a popup notice will appear asking you to load a webpage. You'll be able to select the item you would live to recieve again.
In case this won't work please send a note card to hOShi Kimono with the name of the item and a complete transaction history.

Q: How do vendors work?
A: Right click any item you would like to buy and select "pay".
If you simply click the vendor you will be able to interact and decide if sending a gift or use the store credit.

Q: How can I recieve store credit?
A: You need to purchase any item wearing your Blah. In-World Group Tag. (Normal group..Not V.I.P one.)

Q: How can I send a gift?A: Click the item you would like to gift and select "Buy As Gift". A message in local chat will appear:
Type the username of the avatar you wish to give this item to. (You have 30 seconds to type it)
Follow these instructions and your gift will be sent!

 Q: I don't like/I have a problem with a mesh item can I have a refund?
A: I'll try to help you as much as I can with this kind of problem but... there are Demos there for you to try before making any purchase.
No refunds will be done on mesh items.

Permissions on items won't be changed.