Jul 20, 2014

Blah. @ Project Limited / Second Round / July 20th / Dogma - Duo Pumps ♥

Dogma - Duo Pumps will be sold in a limited quantity!
Please be sure to grab them cos they won't be for sale after the event is over!
Each shoe comes with a complete hud
for slink high feet only 
colors available: pink, olive, red & white.
White, beige and black color options for inner/heel sole.
Gold and silver metal options for studs, chains, charm & heel.

   Hope you'll like them ♥

BTW... I'm having huuuge problems with my computer.
I'm making someone build a new one for me cos the one I'm using now is really bad.
Crashes all the time, I can barely log on sl, can't use more than 2 programs at the same time...
ugh! it's a nightmare.
I really can't wait to get the new one so I'll be able to make many new items :c ♥