Feb 27, 2013

Tiny Baseball Top & Cute Frills skirts

Tiny Baseball tops and Cute Frills Mesh skirts ♥

These items will be available also at the Whore Couture fair!
I really hope you'll like them.

I have spent time and money looking for a decent mesh skirt...
at the end I told myself I could have tried and make one on my own and well..
this is the result.
I'm pretty happy about it and I really hope you'll have fun with these.
Comes in 7 sizes..I tried to make as many as I could to please all of you
2 Alpha layers and alpha texture in case you'll want to edit it yourself.

No template has been used to create the skirt.
I made them with my little chubby hands :3

Tops can be worn with and also without breast implants.
Appliers made for: Lush & Tango

I'll add more details as soon as the event starts.

For more information about WCF please check this link

Style card ~
1st Picture:
Hair: Chemistry
Skin, lips, hands, eyes: tSg.
Shirt/Skirt: Blah.

2nd Picture:
Skirts: Blah.
Shoes (starting from left)
1: Ncore
5:Glamorous (can be found on MP)

Hugs ♥