Aug 1, 2013

New round of "SL Fashion Week" / Love Ring & Bright Nail Polish

 Event Starts 2nd of August

Handmade mesh rings & Slink nails ♥

Each ring comes with the matching nail polish color.
You can also just purchase the Bright Nail Polish pack.

Rings can be used on any Slink mesh hand..
Some editing skills are needed to to adjust the potition.
You can either decide if making the "LOVE" text face you or others by rotating the ring.

An SL normal avatar hand ring has been included for those customers that don't use Slink hands.

Resize script included with full bright option as well.

Hope you'll like them \o/

Fashion Credits
Hais: Ohmai.
Skin, eyes, lips.. : tSg.
Hands: Slink
Earrings: Blah.
Top: Blah.