Jun 30, 2014

Blah. @ OMGACHA! ♥ Starts 1st of July / Hana Flower Crowns & Jewelry set

Hana Flower Crowns

Copy - Mod - Transfer

12 commons
5 rares
Each crown come with a resizer hud


Hana Flower Jewelry

Copy - Mod - Transfer

12 commons - bracelet + 1 ring
5 rares - bracelet + 2 rings
Each set comes with a resizer hud 

Please let me remind you that if you're planning to sell these gachas in a yard sale or on MP you're not allowed to use Blah. vendors. 
Thank you
ps: please follow this simple rule if you don't want me to run after you with a chainsaw :3

 Hope you'll like them ♥