Jan 10, 2016

Blah. @ Oh My Gacha ~ Heartbeat Gas Mask & Catbrella!

Hello Cuties ~ how are you?
I've been really busy in RL...I'm trying to improve my RL job and it's actually going pretty well but, these events made me leave SL for a while.
I missed all of you and I also did miss a lot creating items.
BUT I'm back...or well...sort of.... I'll for sure be around more often from now on!

ANYWAY.. Oh My Gacha has started and Blah. is one of the sponsors ♥

First Item: Heartbeat Gas Mask

Cute but still tough gas masks! 
Each mask has breath sound and particles. ~Puff Puff!
To activate them please type in local chat /9 on or  /9 off
Resizer menu included. 
It allows you to stretch the mask on X,Y and Z axis or all the three together to enlarge the whole mask.
If you would like the mask to be at it's original measures please use the RESTORE button on the main drop down menu page.
Hope you'll like them ♥

Second Item: Catbrella ♥

Chubby umbrella cats!
They will be happy companions during lazy rainy days while jumping in puddles or protect your delicate skin from the sun ~
Each umbrella has a hold animation.
Resizer hud included.

Well.. I hope you'll like these items ♥
Had fun creating them so I would love knowing that 
you have fun as well while using them.