Jul 31, 2013

New round of "The Box" Sweet Eye Patches!

Event starts 1st of August

So...I'm addicted to eye patches!
I hope you'll like them as well... 

7 colors...patterns may come in future.
I would like to have your opinion and help me deciding which kind of patterns I could use.

These eye patches can be worn with the earrings & chokers I've made!
I'm trying to make a collection and more will come in future.
as always...it's all 100% original and made with love :3

Each Sweet Patch comes in 2 colors.
Resize script, full bright option & more!

Fashion credits
Hair: DeLa (omg! I live that tone of pink!)
Skin, eyebrows,lips,eyes: tSg.
Top: Blah.
Earrings: Blah.

 Big hugs babes!