Jul 5, 2013

She & Him Event / Spiky Caps

lol for the male avatar I've made!
He still needs some tweaking >>

° New Spiky Caps for She&Him event °

each hat has gold and silver color options for spikes and label,
complete menu with resize script & more.

Let me remember you that each Item in my store is 100% original.
Made these caps with my hands and patience lol.
It's the first time I make hats and fitting sl avatar head is....gah! frustrating.
BUT! I'm really really really happy of the result.
It was worth it \o/
I hope you'll like them as well ♥

Your opinion counts a lot to me so please let me know what you think about them so I'll think if making more colors/patterns or them.

Biiig Hugs.